Gold Coast Dorpers

Gold Coast Dorpers started in 2001 with 10 head of registered white Dorper sheep. Today, the flock consists of about 400 White Dorper and Dorper ewes, rams, yearlings, and spring lambs. 

Gold Coast Dorper ewe flocks can be found grazing properties, vineyards, and pastures in Atascadero and Templeton, CA. 

The Dorper breed was developed in the 1930’s in South Africa by crossing the Horned Dorset with the Blackheaded Persian. The cross produced fast growing, heavy muscled lambs that were hardy, with great adaptability to a variety of environmental conditions. The ewes are excellent mothers who are fertile year round. They are also hair sheep, which means we do not have to shear them. They are a docile breed which is great for management as well as for our working Border Collies.


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