gold coast meats

 All of our animals are born and raised LOCALLY. It’s important to know where the meat you feed your family comes from. There is nothing like homegrown meat. Once you’ve tasted Gold Coast Meats, you’ll never want anything else!

Gold Coast Meats consists of our custom fed beef and lamb. All lamb is bred, born, and raised Gold Coast Dorper lamb. A mild, tender, flavorful lamb- the best you’ll ever taste!

Our Black Angus steers come to the -H Ranch as calves from a trusted local ranch.

What is Custom Fed? 

We make our own feed daily! The calves and lambs are fed a fresh, natural mixture every day! 

Our beef is available in quarters, halves, and even whole. 

Quarters include: steaks (Ribeye, top sirloin, T-Bone, Porterhouse, filet), cuts such as flat iron, skirt, flap meat, stew meat, and short ribs. Roasts include rump roast, tri-tip, brisket, and Chuck roasts. And lots of ground beef! Cuts can be customized to your preference. A quarter beef is approximately 75-100 pounds of beef.


Lamb is available in halves and whole. 

Cuts include: chops, loin chops, shank, shoulder steaks, sirloin steaks, stew meat, riblets, ground, and leg of lamb. Cuts can be customized to your preference.

A whole lamb is approximately 50-60 pounds of lamb.


All beef and lamb is USDA inspected